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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Rosie's comforter

I have made several comforters, using a crazy quilt method to assemble the scrap fabrics.  I use a fat batt, hard to find but I bought one online.  I start out by cutting a straight edge on the two pieces I want to join, and then sew them on the machine.  There is usually not a straight edge to add the new piece, so I use the rotary cutter and make one.  The pieces have lots of different shaped edges, but I continue to use the ruler so that I can add new pieces.  I make them in columns that I later join together.  I assemble the comforter with a backing, fat batt, and the top.  I then use a large eyed needed and some thin yarn and tie it.  I leave an inch of the backing hanging out, turn in an edge, and then sew this down on the top to finish the piece.  The comforters are very warm, and not much trouble to make. The first picture is a detail, showing a heart that I made in Jude Hill's class, and the bottom one shows the comforter.  You can see some of the yarn ties if you look closely. Off the Wall Fridays