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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sean's Christmas Quilt

I have made Christmas quilts for my family, beginning with my son's adaptation of The Grinch That Stole Christmas.  I made one for my daughter, showing her in her bed with sugarplums (her desired toys) dancing over her head.  My daughter has twin girls, so I used a pattern from Quiltmania.  It had reindeer heads cut from Christmas fabric.  The antlers were based on their hands.  My son has 2 children.  For Ellie, I made a quilt adapting The Night Before Christmas in Hawaii.  This was a favorite book of her mother's, who grew up in Hawaii.  Now it's Sean's turn. I had already made him a robot quilt for his bed.  The Christmas quilt I designed has a UFO theme.  The body of the quilt has 3 parts.  The sky has robots flying in.  The second part is the living room, with a decorated Christmas tree.  The floor section is littered with toys.  It isn't finished yet.  I plan on a narrow gold/yellow band to separate the middle from the first border, that will be composed of 3 X 7 bricks cut from the featured fabric, then another small border from fabric I haven't yet purchased. He won't be able to sleep under it this Christmas, as I plan to hand quilt it and today is December 8th!