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Monday, February 1, 2016

working on the beast quilt

I am still working on the beast cloth.  I am almost finished, just a few more holes to fill and, of course, quilting the piece.  I don't know what I will do for the edges. At first I thought I would turn the edges of the tablecloth over to the top, but I think I will have problems with the corners if I do.  I could always make a border using some of the cloth in the beasts.
I have used several of my granddaughters drawings in the piece.  I asked them to draw me some beasts.  You can see them below:

 I'm not very good at moving the pictures around, but you get the idea.  The first picture is a 2 headed beast drawn by 7 year ole Ellie.  The next one with 2 heads also was drawn by 11 year old Caroline.  The rest of the beasts were drawn by Caroline's twin sister, Rosie.