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Friday, December 31, 2010

Comforters in progress

I have been using up my scraps to make comforters.  I've not bought any new material--just trying to diminish my stash. Last year I made the blue comforter for Rosie and Caroline, my 6 year old granddaughters.  It seems that Rosie has taken it over, and Caroline wanted a comforter of her own.  Her favorite color is blue, so I wanted to make this comforter blue-ish.  I have put pictures printed on fabric sheets of the twins and their cousins on the comforters. As you can see from the pile of fabrics I am working with, I am the original messy Bessie.   I will back the new one with some blue fabric that I have, and tie it with blue yarn.

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  1. Really fun and lovely comforters! Thanks for posting the pictures, they are quite different and beautiful.