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Friday, January 7, 2011

Mimi: an art quilt made about my mother

I took a  course with Pamela Allen at Asilomar, and made a self portrait (the one I use as my picture on this blog)  I decided I wanted to do a series, featuring my mother and grandmother.  The first one I finished is entitled Mimi, about my mother Constance Eagan Mason, called by her grandchildren Mimi.  Mimi had white hair, and very blue eyes.  She sewed a lot for my and my sister, as well as herself.  I made her a charm bracelet of sewing patterns.  She is holding a purse that she made to go with one of her outfits sewed for a cruise.  She also holds one of her curlers--I have a whole boxful.  Her earrings were made by my Dad when he was recovering from surgery.  The locket contains his college graduation picture.  I put a seascape on the quilt because they retired to Florida.  It has some tiny shells that I picked up on the beach.

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  1. Cool! she looks how I feel today!
    Looking forward to being in the classroom with you.