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Friday, February 18, 2011

some pieces that Rosie and Caroline made

In November I went to visit my twin granddaughters.  They always want to do crafts.  Caroline is obsessed with KU, hence the blue, red and yell9ow preferences.  Rosie uses more color leeway.  I adapted an idea from Quilting Arts Christmas gifts to make the houses.  I had the girls draw a rectangle on canvas. I pressed fusible temtex on the back.  They cut out rectangles for the doors and windows, and helped me sew the windows and doors on the houses. I set them on some white quilt batting, and added some starry night fabric.  I cut out tress from green corduroy, and they decorated the trees. We used glue to stick the stuff down. I you look closely, you can see that the KU fan has even (herself!) cut out a KU for the star. They were very happy with their Christmas wall hangings.


  1. The girls and their work are fabulous. I'll watch your blog for other ideas to do with the girls.

  2. This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing...