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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

first patchwork beast

I am in the process of quilting my first patchwork beast.  Everything was flat when I sewed the parts together, but now the plaid middle section has developed waves.  This is possibly because I used an old shirt of my son-in-law's, which probably had a lot of poly in it.  I am figuring out how to work with the distortion, maybe by gathering it.


  1. ...or just folding it over like a pleat and do some stitching over it. what a great beast.

  2. a Very Fine Beast! AND who cares about the
    lumpy plaid when there is the absolutely
    GREAT praying mantis!!!!!

    how about doing Kantha stitches, small and close.
    and just kinda nudging it in? i am NOT a plaid
    person (neurotic) so it might make a really
    interesting visual. kantha'd plaid????

  3. Thanks for your comments. I guess that kantha stitches are just small running stitches. Will try either pleating or kantha, or maybe one on each side.