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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Some new pieces

I am working in Pamela Allen's class, About Town, where we will make a quilt representing our place, mine being St. Louis, MO.  We first made 4 small pieces, not quilted, representing buildings here.  I did four, and one of them was based on US Grant's Cabin.  Kind of crazy?

I am also going to the Missouri Fabric Artist's retreat.  I joined this group before Christmas, and I am sort of feeling that I am out of the water.  A recent message from the retreat master stated that we should all bring something for a silent auction.  Oh my--well I had a couple of small pieced things using up some of my favorite color, Indigo, and some bits and pieces of what I thought were unique.  I hand quilted them, and the dragon's house piece was quilted by hand using machine metallic thread.  I hope one of these will be ok.

I'm not sure of the name of the bottom one, now called Puzzle Box.  I have thought of Hidden Gems, but right now it is Puzzle Box. Rosemary
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  1. I don't think its a crazy at all - I really like it! Of course - we might not know whose buried in Grant's tomb but we know what his cabin looks like now - grin!! I thought it strange that everyone was expected to bring something to the retreat - still advice for the retreat - relax - be yourself - but smile a lot and only say positive things - works everytime! I'm always - always out my element at retreats since I'm always the youngest there! (but since I'm getting older every day - I thinking I'm finally going to age into the group!)

  2. Thanks for the advice, Nina Marie. I am on the opposite end of the age spectrum!

  3. Grew up in St. Louis. Been to Grant's Cabin many times. I like your interpretation. I now live in Springfield. Small world.