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Friday, May 20, 2016

Baby quilts

I have four grandchildren, and I have made them all baby quilts. On the quiltart web there was recently a discussion about whether baby quilts should be simple. Mine aren't--I couldn't resist making them special. My oldest grandchilren now 11, are twin girls. My daughter lived in a rented house, and requested quilts to hang on the walls. I made Rosie a sesame street quilt, and Caroline a quilt featuring my daughter's favorite books. Four both quilts I used settings based on some Japanese quilts I had seen, as I didn't want them to have rows of pictures. This design allowed me to fill in the blank spots with some jazzy material.

Since these were wall decorations, I felt they needed quilts to drag around. Rosie loved bunnies, and Caroline loved ducks. Here are their drag around quilts:

When my son had a daughter, I decided to make a quilt based on The Cow jumped over the Moon. I used the house they were living in at the time, and added their two pugs. Murphy, the black one, has  only has one eye, and Maggie has a Gene Simmons' tongue:

A few years later my son had a boy, Sean. His parents requested Eric Carle quilt. I didn't use preprinted material for Sean's quilt; I created the images myself.
I have made all four grandchildren bed quilts and Christmas quilts, using my own designs. 
Rosemary Hopkins


  1. These are all fabulous! And what you call "drag-along" quilts look pretty special to me.

  2. Quilters show their love by making quilts and you have a lot of love to give . Fantastic quilts and grandchildren

  3. I'm very lucky to call her my mom :-)

  4. So delightful and unique! Lucky grandkids!!!