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Tuesday, December 5, 2028


I got interested in doing art quilts when I happened upon Pamela Allen's website.  I loved everything about her work--the whimsical character ad  the hand sewing.  I didn't like to machine piece or machine quilt.  When I found out she would be teaching at Asilomar in 2009, I signed up and went. She taught us her manner of constructing quilts, beginning with the backing on the bottom, followed by batting, and finally the fabric used to make the picture. The fabric was sewed down using embroidery floss.  This is one of the quilts I made at Asilomar.  It's called the Eye of the Whale.  She gave me a scrap of fabric (the red, black, yellow, and blue). Then I had to construct a small piece filling in with other fabric and embroidery.
I still use her method today. I have taken several courses from her, mostly online.
The second teacher who has inspired me is Jude Hill.  Again there is a lot of hand sewing and whimsy.  She also taught me how to weave fabric to use as a base. I took a lot of online classes from her (now these  classes are online for free).
The last teacher I wanted to recognize is Luann Rimel. She goes to old cemeteries and takes pictures of the statues, which she later transfers to fabric.  I made this piece in honor of my maternal ancestry. The old gentleman is my great great (or maybe another great) grandfather who was a tailor from Ireland. As Luanne recommended, I used old linens (in this case linen napkins) to mount the pictures on.
With my 3 teacher's help I was off to art quilting!

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