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Friday, September 28, 2012

Stitched Pelican

I finished stitching the pieces down for my Pelican.  Haven't quilted it yet, nor have I bound it.  I might pillowcase the piece--haven't decided.
I sometimes take the color out of a picture of the piece, and using tracing paper, audition possible quilting designs.  Hence the black and white Pelican.


  1. First of all - LOVE the funky background of your blog - made me just want to look at the street art! Its a good reminder to use tracing paper or even clear plastic sheets to audition quilting lines - will do that tonight on mine! The stripes are really effective in this piece - just super!

  2. I love the background of your blog as well! I never thought of auditioning quilting lines. I am not that good at following lines. Great idea.

  3. great idea to audition quilting lines - I'll have to try it!

  4. Developing your own style must feel very rewarding. Auditioning the quilting is also a good idea. You are very disciplined in your work... a good example to follow.