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Friday, July 12, 2013

Somewhere over the Rainbow

I worked on this piece in a Pamela Allen class.  Before it was quilted I didn't care for it, but I decided to see what quilting could add, and the quilting changed my mind.

The piece was an exercise in black and white, with just a little bit of color.  I used embroidery floss to quilt it.  The white Asian style fabric at the top needed help.  I used the colors from the circles on the rainbow to choose a single strand of floss and quilted along the lines of the pattern in the fabric.  I added some French knots in the areas where the waves curled.  I faced the piece, which I wouldn't do again, as there was a lot of bulk to deal with in the corners.Off the Wall Fridays


  1. I like the way you used elements in the prints to portray items in the scenery!

  2. i love this. great job. i'm always partial to black and white.

  3. ohhh I always face. Now concerning the face - kathy loomis has a great tutorial on doing those so there is no bulk - but I tend to do what I did when I traditionally bound a quilt - just cut out the bulk (usually with a diagonal wack the scissors) - I then make sure every thing is sewn down in properly. Rosalee Dace - says she take a little hammer and beats them flat - LOL - found that interesting.

  4. this is fabulous...I have enjoyed looking at all your pieces from Pamela's classes