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Monday, July 22, 2013

townhouses and kaleidoscopes

My art quilt group has a table challenge.  We are to make a self portrait on one part, and put what we are working on on the table on a second part. I finished the work part, and that is what is pictured.  I still have to render myself on the other half.
When I finished, I felt like fooling around, so I opened Kaleidescope Kreator and uploaded the townhouses, and also my dragon quilt.  I don't like to use the program with people, being adverse to picture grandchildren

joined at the hip, but I do find using my quilts makes some interested designs.  I might use the design for greeting cards.  I think it would be neat to make a clock base, if I knew where to order one.  Anyway, here are the houses, the dragons quilt, and the kaleidoscopes.


  1. Hi, Rosemary. I love kaleidoscope pieces because of the simplicity of their complexity and yours are very exciting. I really like the house and dragon pieces--wonderful fabrics you're using. And the black and white piece in the previous post is really cool.
    best, nadia

  2. Thanks Nadia. I can waste? a lot of time playing with the Kaleidoscope program.

  3. Most hobby stores will have things to make clocks. You'd just have to put your (gorgeous) piece on a flat piece of plywood. I think the kits come with a battery box for the back side and the hands to put on the front side. I assume a hole would have to be drilled into the middle.

    Enjoyed the 'eye candy'!

    (Here from Off the Wall Friday)

  4. Wonderful kaleidoscopes! I love the colors and shapes.