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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Some new art quilts

I am taking an online class with Pamela Allen, About Style.  I have learned a lot, both from Pamela and from the other students.  Our first exercise was to choose a work of art, and reinterpret it in fabric, not slavishly copying it, but using the same color palette.  I chose Aaron Bohrod's Venus.  I couldn't figure out why

he named the piece Venus, until Pamela pointed out the tiny white circle in the sky.  I am going to Missouri Fiber Artist Conference this weekend.  We were to bring something for the silent auction, so I finished the piece and will bring it.  The above piece About Style art quilts was Bohrod's, of course.Next we had to use the same palette and create something different.  My second effort isn't finished yet, so it is unnamed.

The last thing we had to do in lesson 1 was to make our own piece. I am very interested in historical themes.  I had done a piece on Beowulf in the last class.  It's kind of strange--I called it the ghost of Beowulf. Along the same lines, I decided to do a piece based on a dolmen, or platform tomb.  I added a figure to it, and named it Watcher at the Portal Tomb.  I'll post pictures about our cubist adventure in the next blog entry.

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