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Monday, January 13, 2014

Art Quilts for the March Show

Our guild, Bits N Pieces is having a show in March.  The art quilt group, Art Bits is entering challenges and workshops that we have done this year.  We took a workshop with Rayna Gillman, in which we cut up old blocks and seamed them into a new transformation. This piece worked with a rather ugly Radiant Sun block.

I combined 2 blocks done in her class.  I wasn't happy with either, and neither was blogger, as it wouldn't accept the picture. Oh well.

We also used an advertisement and copied the colors, and their frequency in which the colors appeared in the ad, into fiber art.
I used a part of Marc Chagall's The Juggler, and made a piece I called Complements.
 The last 2 pieces I made in the workshop I combined, and called it Roots of Home.  I feel that this was the least successful piece I made in the workshop.

We also had several challenges.  One was the artist challenge, in which we selected an artist and tried to work in fabric in his style.  I selected Jacob Lawrence's #58 in his Migration Series.  I used a picture of my 3 granddaughters playing under the sprinklers at City Park in St. Louis

Another challenge involved a tricky fabric.  We called it the Shimmer challenge.  It is the roof in the piece, Princess Saving.

We also did a zentangle challenge.  I made a knight and backed him in felt. For the show he had to be attached to a square fabric.  I called him Hero.

I have a few other pieces that were not connected with the Art quilt group that I will show in a later blog.

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