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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 28

My St. Louis piece is getting close to being finished.  It still needs some quilting, binding, a label, and a sleeve on the back. This is a present for my daughter and her family.
I thought I would identify the images on the quilt.
In the top left hand corner are Victorian row houses from Lafayette Square.
The arch is in the center, with some skyscrapers inside.
I have put a bridge over the Mississippi River, which cascades across the top and down the side.
The last image on the top is Grant's Cabin. The cabin is located at Grant's Farm, where the family often went to see the animals maintained there, and sip some Anheuser Busch beer.
On the left in the middle layer is St., Francis Xavier Church, better known locally as College Church.  Wendy and Chris were married there.
The Bevo Mill is next to the church.  It was built in 1916 by the Anheuser-Busch company to encourage families to enjoy beer with their meal at the restaurant.
On the right side in the middle is Ted Drewes, a St. Louis landmark dating from 1941, that sells frozen custard. Chris, Wendy, Rosie and Caroline are on their way to get a sundae or a concrete.
On the bottom left is a scene from Missouri Botanical Garden, featuring a gate leading into the rose garden.  The flames on the top were put in place during an exhibit of Chihuly Glass at the garden.
The final image is one of the entrances to the St. Louis Zoo.

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