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Sunday, January 5, 2014

January 3-4

I am making progress on the st. Louis piece, requested by my daughter.  I have some pictures of my design decisions.  First, the "canvas" for the piece--the background I started with.  A lot of the background will be covered by other material choices, and the objects that I will add.
You can see that only the Victorian houses, representing Lafayette Square are in place.
The January second picture shows some of the things I intend to include.
I wanted the blue to represent sky, but I think it is too much under College Church and the Bevo Mill.  I'll have to find some more "ground" to place under them.
I replaced some of the blue with a better ground piece, and added some other figures that I will include.
I used the gate to the Rose Garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden on my first St. Louis piece.  I used misty fuse and drew the design on white fabric.  It looked awful on that piece, so I embroidered over it.  This time I felt that it would be easier to embroider the piece first, using batting as the background, and then apply the piece to the quilt.  It worked out better that using the cloth and stitching over it.
The figure will not remain headless.  It will have blondish red hair.
That's as far as I got today

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