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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Working on challenges

Yesterday we went to the neurological doctor and a further evaluation of Ron.  The doctor said he didn't think that Ron has Parkinsonism,  and wants to further evaluation him for normal pressure hydrocephalus.  Next week Ron will return to Barnes Jewish Hospital for 3 days so that they can do several more spinal taps.  These should indicate if Ron has normal pressure hydrocephalus, and if he does, they will schedule surgery to place a shunt.  So we have to wait, something we do a lot.
Today I went with Norrie and Wilma to the Ethical Society for a lecture “Politics and Problems of the World’s Water Resources” Dr. Robert Criss, MS, PhD, Department of Earth an Planetary Sciences, Washington. It was interesting, but somewhat depressing.  I guess a series that investigates world problems won't feature a lot of happy topics.
I am finishing up the entry forms for our quilt show in March.  The forms for the Art Quilt group are due tomorrow.  There are 4 challenges:
Inspiration--I did a piece celebrating my father.  I used pictures that  printed on fabric, and used reverse appliqued to  fit the pictures behind  the fabric.  I used black embroidery floss to quilt the piece. I think the group really wanted a piece on what inspires my quilting but I featured my father anyway.

Snack Pack Challenge : We had to get a container for a snack and use those colors in the piece.  I used a drawing by my granddaughter for the center.  I made the center, and passed it on to other members of my group who added to the piece.
My package held crackers and had brown, blue and green.

Whisper Challenge: Mine started with a picture from the Winterthur Museum Fairy Garden.  I used a picture of a fairy house. I passed it on, and after 5 people made interpretations, the small quilts were returned to me.

Out of the Box Challenge: Debbie donated cigar boxes to the group.  We had to give everyone one item (all the same pieces), and we had to use all the pieces in their box.  I used a mojo doll that Pat Owoc had given me as the focal point.

These were the 4 challenges that the Art Quilt group did.  I also participated in the Guild Challenge, based on a page from the National Geographic Magazine.  My page featured mountains on a blue sky,  I changed the scene to a night scene.  The mountains, or most of them, were purple. I added woods, a river, and some teepees.

I am entering 2 more art quilts, Weeds and For the Love of Outlander.  I got permission from Diana Gabaldon to use the cover design. The designs were sewed to silk and the pieces then sewn to cotton.

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