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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Rosie and Caroline's Christmas hangings

Several years ago I made wall hangings with my 2 granddaughters, Rosie and Caroline.

 The girls are now 11.  Sean is 5 and Ellie is 7, and while they were staying at my house this year.  I decided to make Christmas wall hangings with them.  I had gone to Joanne's and bought 2 versions of sky fabric and some green corduroy. They chose the sky fabric that they liked.  I put a piece of bating down, and glued the sky fabric down on the top.  I had some fat batt that we attached to the bottom, and they sewed it on the sewing machine. Ellie used some fancy material (also from Joann's) that I cut in strips and she decorated the tree with it, and added a white moon and some pompoms for bulbs.
The one with the house is Ellies.

 Sean preferred to be minialist.
 I was working with Ellie and Sean got bored.  I have a felt covered board and I got out a bag of assorted Christmas fabric scraps.  Sean had a great time developing his picture.  when I was working with him Ellie took over.  Each of them sewed on the sewing machine, fastening the tree, batting,  and in Ellie's case the house.  After they went home (they live in Colorado), I backed the pieces and sewed fabric loops on the top.  Sean had used one of the pictures of Santa on the material he was playing with, saying that the story on the felt board was the night before Christmas.  I used the Santas to make labels for the back.  I mailed them along with some home made granola.  The package hasn't arrived yet, so I am waiting for their take on the wall hangings.  I rescued my felt board, put the scraps back in a bag to be donate. Here are the labels for the back:

Sean's creation 

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